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Friday, February 03, 2006

The Creature's Habitat

This is the beach where the sea creature lived. It is on Marrowstone Island in western Washington and as you can see, the picture was taken on a very stormy, wet and rainy Northwest Day!

What kind of animals might live in this habitat?
Your friend,


At February 10, 2006, Anonymous Mrs. N'S STUDENT said...

Dear Ron,
do you see bottlenose dolphins?

At February 10, 2006, Anonymous Mrs. N's student said...

Dear Ron,
do you see eels?

At February 13, 2006, Anonymous Mrs. N's student said...

Dear Ron,
We saw your name in the newspaper. Do you see the tufted puffins?

At February 13, 2006, Anonymous Mrs. N's student said...

Dear Ron,
Do you have a anmles named Tufted puffin?
Did you know that we saw your name in a
a paper?
Dawson Vest

At February 13, 2006, Anonymous ron hirschi said...

Dear Cara,

It is great to hear your questions about other sea creatures. Here in the northeastern corner of the Pacific Ocean we have many of the same animals as in other parts of the ocean, but for some it is too cold or for other reasons. Bottlenose dolphins don't live in our area but we do have harbor porpoises and dall porpoises. I especially like Harbor Porpoises. They like to eat little fish with lights inside their bodies called Lantern Fish!
Your Friend, Ron

At February 13, 2006, Anonymous ron hirschi said...

Dear Dustin,

There are a lot of sea creatures that look like eels.......and we do have one called a wolf eel. But I mostly see some that are a lot like eels and so beautiful. They are red or bright emerald green and are called gunnels. They are actually little fish. This spring when I take kids netting fish, we will send you photos of the kids holding these slippery creatures!

Your Friend, Ron

At February 13, 2006, Anonymous ron hirschi said...

Dear Katlyn,

I would like to tell you I see lots of Tufted Puffins. I do see some, but not many. They are so cool with their Beethoven hair!

I'll answer your question a bit better later on, after you get your new sea creature in the mail this week.......when you learn about your new sea creature, you will learn much more about puffins too!

Your Friend, Ron

At February 13, 2006, Anonymous ron hirschi said...

Dear Dawson,

Yes we do have animals called Tuften Puffins. They are amazing in many ways. One thing they can do is to hold a dozen little slippery fish in their bills, dive, catch another, then fly with them to feed their babies!

If you read in the paper that I am going to replace Shaun Alexander if he leaves the Seattle Seahawks, that is just a rumor.

Your friend, Ron Hirschi

At February 17, 2006, Anonymous Student in Mrs. N's class said...

Did you know the scientific Name of the Tufted puffin? Do you know scientific names of any animals or do you call them regular names?

At February 17, 2006, Anonymous Mrs. N's student said...

Dear Ron,
Are there dolphins in the Pacific Ocean?

At February 17, 2006, Anonymous ron hirschi said...


I'm guessing you might have seen the scientific name of the tufted puffin? I would have to look it up in a bird book.......let's see, I'm looking in my book, SEABIRDS OF THE WORLD by Jim Enticott and David Tipling. They give the scientific name Fratercula cirrhata. As scientists, we don't have to use the scientific name for birds for an interesting reason. Birds are loved so much by so many people that a bunch of scientists got together and gave them "regular names" that all of us agree on. All of us call the tufted puffin a tufted puffin in other words.

This is not true for many animals, especially animals that not many people know much about like the sea creatures in our mystery project.

I HAVE to use scientific names of many fish, barnacles, plants, seaweeds, shrimp, crabs........This is because it is important to me and other scientists to know exactly what animal or plant we are talking about. A scientific name identifies that plant or animal. Its "regular name" or, as some say, its common name might confuse people since a lot of plants and animals have more than one regular name. They have one and only one scientific name!

But I also enjoy learning the very special "local name" of a sea creature. This is especially true of Hawaiian sea creatures. The Hawaiian people know more about sea creatures than most scientists. They have had names for many creatures that date back more than a thousand years.

In Hawaiian, sea creature number one is known as pupu mo'o. In their language, this means "lizard shell".........

From the Shore, Ron

At February 17, 2006, Anonymous ron hirschi said...


Yes, dolphins live in the Pacific Ocean but most of them are in the tropical parts of the ocean where waters are warm.

Near where I live, the largest dolphin is our most common whale. (Did you know dolphins are whales?) I wonder if you know this "wolf of the sea"?

From the shore, Ron

At February 20, 2006, Anonymous Mrs. N's student said...

Dear Ron
I have a big cup of creatures from Florida. I have a sea dollar. I have a starfish too. Do you have these
where you live?
Your pal,

At February 20, 2006, Anonymous ron hirschi said...


That was great of you to bring in some sea dollars and starfish from Florida. I'm looking forward to seeing what you brought.

I just learned that starfish here on our coast are some of, if not the largest in the world....We have this one called a sunstar that has many legs. Another one is bright orange and only lives in fairly deep water. I see them from my boat.......they are called Sunflower Stars and can be more than three feet wide!

I will send you a smaller one.....

From the Shore, Ron

At March 22, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Eastview Elementary Porscha 6th grade Is the sea creature a turtle? Usaully they live along the sea coast to lay their eggs.


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