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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

I Spy Creatures!

I talked with Tammy Yee, the illustrator of Swimming With Humuhumu, about your blog and how fun it would be to have illustrations you can explore. This one, shows a young snorkeler diving down to a coral reef.

My question is this:

How many "Sea Animals" can you find in this
Look carefully, some
animals may not be as obvious as creatures on the land.
Aloha, Ron

Let's create a list of creatures you find. Ron tells me there are more than 12! (Click on the thumbnail of the illustration to get a larger picture.) Mrs. Newton

You have found 9 different types of sea creatures so far? Can you find the other three?
1. Red Sea Stars - Spotted Linckia
2. Blue Sea Stars - Green Linckia
3. Blue Fin Trevally - Papios
4. Reef Triggerfish - Humuhumu
5. Threadfin Butterfly Fish
6. Red Pencil Urchin
7. Milletseed Butterfly Fish
8. Snorkeler - Human
9. Coral
10. ?
11. ?
12. ?


At March 16, 2006, Anonymous Tanner Miller said...

sea star
Tanner Miller

At March 17, 2006, Anonymous ron hirschi said...


Good for you.There are actually two different species of sea star in Tammy's illustration. One is sometimes spotted red and white but Tammy painted it red. It is known in Hawaii as the Spotted Linckia. The blue sea star is known as the Green Linckia even though it can be lots of colors. Check this out -- it can shake off an arm and grow a new sea star. Just like that!

From the Shore, Ron

At March 21, 2006, Anonymous KYLIE said...

I counted 5 sea stars.
Kylie (Tanner's sister)

At March 21, 2006, Anonymous Cara said...

Dear Ron,
I know one of the hide-n-seek fish - a bluefin Trevally. I found a fish.
Your pal,

At March 21, 2006, Anonymous Trent,Dawson, and Dylan said...

Dear Ron,
We think we found a hide-n-seek fish. We saw a Reef Triggerfish.
From your pals in Mrs. Newton's Ocean

At March 21, 2006, Anonymous Shelby said...

Dear Ron,
I found two of the hide and go seek animals.
They are threadfin butterfly fish.

At March 21, 2006, Anonymous Katlyn said...

Dear Ron,
I found Red Pencil Urchins. There are three of them.

At March 21, 2006, Anonymous Brady said...

Dear Ron,
I think that Reef Trigger Fish are meat-eaters. Mrs. Newton calls meat-eaters carnivores.
Your fish friend,

At March 21, 2006, Anonymous NOAH said...

Dear Ron,
I think one of the hide and seek fish is a Potato cod. I think is really is a Potato Cod. That Potato Cod is cool. I think that Potato Cod is something like our fish skull mystery???
From your Fish Mystery Kid,

At March 21, 2006, Anonymous Kylie and Mireka said...

Dear Ron,
We saw 19 Milletseed Butterfly Fish. We saw 2 Threadfin Butterfky fish. We saw 5 sea stars. What do you see?

At March 21, 2006, Anonymous ron hirschi said...

To Everyone in Mrs. Newton's Class!

You have been doing a great job of identifying many of the fish and invertebrates Tammy illustrated.
I really like the name, Potato Cod! I think that is the fish that comes with its own chips.

Yes, Milletseed Butterflyfish; Great job identifying pencil urchins, Katlyn! And reef triggerfish! That was good work Trent, Dawson, and Dylan. There are other kinds of humuhumus, but this one is a Reef Trigger.

And way to go Shelby! Threadfins are so fun to swim with. They almost always swim in pairs and that long thread fin is very delicate and beautiful.

But my favorite fish in all the ocean, one I put in a special place in Swimming with Humuhumu is the Blue Fin Trevally. Way to go Cara!!! We also call them Papios and when they get to be 10 pounds, no smaller, we call them Omilu. Tammy and I had fun putting them in our book and my friend, Annette Tagawa helped me to find a way to help protect these beautiful fish. She and other people in Hawaii spend lots of time tagging these beautiful fish to learn more about their life in the sea.

Malama i ke kai (Protect the Ocean), Ron

At March 22, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Eastview 6 grader Darik

Without counting the coral and the human there are 36 sea animals. With counting the coral it is unknown because there could be a million coral animals in one piece of coral.

At March 22, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Eastview 6th grade Morgan I think there are 33 sea creatures in the picture.

At March 22, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Eastview BrittanyAre there 36 sea animals?

At March 22, 2006, Anonymous ron hirschi said...

You guys are good......But let me say my original question all over again.....

What I was trying to ask is How many different kinds of animals, not how many animals.Darik points out that it would be impossible to count ALL the coral animals.

It is possible, though to get a pretty accurate count of HOW MANY DIFFERENT SPECIES. I did mean to include the snorkeler because he is also an animal.

Try again! Ron

At March 22, 2006, Anonymous Mrs. N's students said...

We see brain coral.

At March 23, 2006, Anonymous ron hirschi said...

You are adding things up very well. Brain coral, though, is not one of the animals! Try again!



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