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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

MOST Mysterious Creature #3

MOST Mysterious Creature #3:
This creature hides on the soft coral it feasts upon.
A mollusk, you might be surprised if you get to see its hidden shell.
What is this creature?

Image copyrighted to John Hoover at http://www.hawaiisfishes.com Many thanks to John.


At March 23, 2006, Anonymous Mrs. Newton's class said...

Dear Ron,
Can you pet this creature or will it sting? Cara and Dawson

Is the pinky-orange color the coral or the animal? Mrs. N.

Is it flipped over on its back? Cara

If we saw its shell would be know what it is? Katlyn

At March 23, 2006, Anonymous ron hirschi said...

You ask some incredibly important questions. Cara and Dawson wonder about petting this creature. While you wouldn't be harmed by petting this creature, your hand, as gentle as it might be, could harm this creature's coral home.
And to Mrs. N.....I will hold off on answering mainly because this creature probably best shows there is often a very thin line between home and creature!
And, no Cara, it is not flipper over on its back, it is right side up.
And to Katlyn.....I think if you saw its shell you would only know this creature's scientific family. Check in some books to see how many families there are within the big group we call Mollusks!

Good Luck. This one might require that all of us sneak into John Hoover's suitcase. He leaves on April 1st to go diving and photographing in Indonesia.

From the Shore, Ron


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