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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

"Can You See Me Now?" Creature

Hidden in the coral, search for the creature with its tail wrapped on the branches to hold it in place. What creature is "lurking" there?

Images copyrighted to John Hoover at http://www.hawaiisfishes.com Many thanks to John.


At March 23, 2006, Anonymous Mrs. Newton's 1st graders and Miss Graham's 4th graders said...

We think we see two of the sea creatures in this picture.Is it relaed to the leafy sea dragon?

The creatures are really camouflaged in with the coral.Because they are the same color as the coral we can't see the tails, but we think we see the heads.

We think this picture is amazing!

At March 23, 2006, Anonymous ron hirschi said...

No matter what anyone creates with her or his own hands, I can't believe it can ever match the beauty found in the real world and offered to us by artists like John Hoover.

Yes, these are related to leafy sea dragons. Look again. Try to find tails. Try to find the safest resting place where these guys can give birth to their tiny babies.



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